02 Renewal of Vows

Many couples wish to celebrate and reaffirm their love and commitment for one another by renewing their marriage vows, either privately or publicly, and by saying "I do" again.

What do I provide?

My role is that of master of ceremonies at the event, to lead the renewal of vows ceremony, in line with your wishes discussed and agreed in planning sessions together. I will help you to plan the ceremony, lead you and your guests through the ceremony that you have planned and make sure that things happen smoothly. All to ensure a memorable life event.           

It is a similar role to that of a marriage celebrant, without the legal requirements for paperwork, certificates and registration and so on. 

Alternatively - You do not have to have a formal master or ceremonies officiate at your vow renewal event.  Do you have a friend or an adult child who would like to be the master of ceremonies for the occasion? I am willing to "train" them, assist them to plan the ceremony, help them write the "script"for the occasion, and mentor them leading up to the ceremony.  Charges are on an hourly rate. 

People renew their vows for a variety of reasons:

·        It may be to celebrate a significant anniversary. Celebrating a long and continuing, loving, relationship is a wonderful thing to share with friends and family.

·        You may have been formally married in a different country and now you wish to celebrate your marriage with family and friends who were unable to attend.

·        You may have been through a difficult time and you want to mark a new beginning.

A renewal of vows ceremony is NOT a legal ceremony of marriage. However it is a very important and meaningful life event. It is a symbolic, sentimental and meaningful celebration.

This means that the format of the event is very flexible and can reflect your reasons for having such a ceremony, and respond to your ideas. It also means there are no legal requirements for paperwork.

I look forward to working with you to create the ceremony that suits you..