It all started when...

My son asked me to marry him ...well actually to be the marriage celebrant at his wedding. It was such an honour to be asked, and so I set about becoming qualified as a marriage celebrant. 

At about this time I also decided to retire from the Tasmanian State Service after 40 years. Combining Marriage Celebrant with my other experience - communication, education, marketing, events, facilitation and community engagement, seemed like a good synergy and so I started Andrew Smith Life Events, and began marrying people (to each other, not to me - such a confusing turn of phrase).

I am also available as a group facilitator, and trainer (see “Other Services” for details)

My personal approach as a celebrant, a facilitator, a trainer and a master-of-ceremonies is to provide the environment and support for you to achieve your goals and dreams. So, your life event will be all about you, not about me. I will listen, design, write and deliver an event as you want it to happen.

I hope to be able to assist you with your next life event.


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Member Australian Marriage Celebrants Inc www.marriagecelebrants.org.au